TanTrade’s Strategic Plan 2016/17- 2020/21, has been prepared in compliance with the set national policy guidelines on the improvement of trade and service delivery in Tanzania. This Plan is aiming at providing TanTrade’s Management, employees and other stakeholders, information on the objectives and targets that will be pursued and it has taken into consideration its mandated functions provided under the Act of Parliament No. 4 of 2009.

The main outputs contained in this Strategic Plan will be incorporated in each annual plan and budget of TanTrade. The core function of TanTrade is to address bottlenecks that are facing traders, exporters and producers of goods and services with a view to increase the performance of the trade sector in the economy. In order to achieve this, eight core objectives have been developed as follows: -

i. HIV / AIDS Infections and Non-Communicable Diseases Reduced and Supportive Services Improved;

ii. National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Good Governance Enhanced, Sustained and Implemented;

iii. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Competitiveness Enhanced;

iv. Trade of Goods and Services Developed and Enhanced;

v. Access to Domestic, Regional and International Markets Enhanced;

vi. Trade Fairs and Exhibition Environment in Tanzania Enhanced;

vii. Delivery of Quality Trade Services Improved; and

viii. TanTrade’s Performance in Managing and Carrying out Mandated Functions Improved.

Strategies and Targets related to these objectives have been developed to be used during planning and budgeting processes. TanTrade priorities in this Strategic Plan focuses on the following major interventions: Promoting adoption of industrial know how which will speed up value addition of the agricultural commodities; Addressing supply-side constraints facing MSMEs; Increasing market and trade information to support MSMEs to grow competitively; Promoting market integration and infrastructure development and connectivity within and with neighbouring countries, in order to transform Tanzania into a logistical and transitional hub; Integrating local producers into global value chain; and Strengthen internal resource mobilization.

To ensure focus on the achievement of planned objectives, a result framework with performance indicators has been prepared. The indicators will also be used to monitor and evaluate the performance at appropriate intervals. The implementation process will constitute cascading operations of individual work plans within TanTrade whereby all identified interventions will be translated into the day-to-day tasks with sharp focus on targets to be achieved. TanTrade will continuously review its operational processes to facilitate the smooth implementation of this Strategic Plan.

To make this plan more successful, cooperation among divisions, units and other stakeholders is necessary. I appeal to all stakeholders at TanTrade to work as a team. Given that TanTrade is central to the Government’s efforts to fight against poverty through advising the Government on matters relating to the formulation, development, supervision and implementation of trade policy and strategies; Integrating the domestic market development; collaborating with other institutions in organizing production of products and offering of services; and Fostering better market access conditions for Tanzanian products and services at domestic, regional and international markets. I would like to encourage all stakeholders to join hands with renewed vigour for the prosperity of our nation. Let us optimally use the available resources to make this plan realistic.